Thursday, May 16, 2013

Distance Education: Cloud Computing for Online Learning

Internationally, the nice cloud computing provide assistance to distance as well as Online learning especially online. It makes more easy the world information storing system. Higher education institutions are evolving cloud computing innovations technologies. This new technology, your head is left about the mess in the clouds. There are many of us.

What kind of cloud computing?  How to think about understanding cloud computing works, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sociable networking and its related sites. They have the afternoon between data storage and e-mail filtering company site. Instead of your computer and stored in the workspace. You without adding additional software on Twitter to your computer message.

Users do not need to buy install the benefits of education which will not support on your computer. It is as a platform service (PAAs) and infrastructure (IaaS) service as a software service. Initial means stored programs and data on a remote computer.

Limit means that no amount of information which can be located in remote storage. Not affected by the memory of each computer this leaves. Do you just it think about the meaning of education for this? In the cloud computing students to access information from some computer in the Earth. University of California, 2007 held pilot programs. It is developed and of balancing the relationship management. 2008 The College moved their devices to the cloud. The berkeley believe as important for students because it expected as the hereafter gathering of cloud computing.

Cloud computing was able to complete tasks faster by getting all the hosts containing information about a single click students. They start searching in Google. Maybe, they will want more information, Yahoo search engine and Amazon. Without moving to another from one of the search engines are search engines in one click with you all.

There handles benefits students and teacher education. Using your thumb by moving information from single computer or copy information about the transfer to your new computer is not. It is all available at your own fingertips. There requires no special equipment. Also, give teachers and students a significant processing power.

Given the stimulating possible of interaction with additional students, investigators and teachers, the Internet intercommunicate on each other. You can obviously point theory test, asked as the students do not able to understand. When the writing a respective research paper, you can collaborate with classmates Professor and expert.

Cloud computing is a great idea. There is a need to clear some dark clouds. Who controls your data? Responsibility for the use of dark clouds, personal privacy, data security, reliability, and Government interference and control. Computing with universal to global concerns must be addressed before the clouds.

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