Sunday, June 30, 2013

Children Fear and Logical Intimacy Relationship

Touch and a natural jump and run screaming for children test boundaries to explore many things in sight, always set for them the parents and the noisy battle action. This is nature really which can test parental patience it is actually more fear, and then they have to hope child drive using the tools.

There can be lifelong fear of a specific child. "Quiet to sleep or the police called me" "you eat your food, eat the Mau Billy". "So much TV and your brain melting starts clock". "If you create so much hue and cry I'll shut ghost, your kitchen cabinets."- there is infinite variations of the theme that is used by their parents or guardians. Male uniforms using gadget which has some fear of certain animals and can leave a child with fear in mind life as a place surrounded by.

There are the results in emotionally complex fear. Holding, apart from the closet and bathroom, balcony or car Windows or to make matters worse and threatening children which shut scare go away and leave them to their prospects while you can have immeasurable harm. Lack of deep insecurity and confidence leading to the children's hearts and minds, mental and emotional issue get deeper.

Fear creates the distance and mistrust. Known for obvious physical damage, and even less who is creating anxiety. "Tell your Papa or behavior. "Please do not touch it or would ask my Grandma to receive her magic stick". -At least these leads to the lack of a close relationship between distance and distrust, fear, intimacy which is a general examples of how to create a shared most close relationship.

There accepts the natural behavior of children. Frighten children accept the fact we feel anger. We run about the curious nature of the child, make sounds, exploring jump with excitement and attention while you less. Gently guide and put a reign of terror kid which is recommended to induce remains within the acceptable standards of his actions.

Use logic, guidance and love. Discipline is required for the children. But using the tool is as a fear, simply unacceptable. They guide gives logical reasons their tenderness and love direct, they know it effects their actions by most of all, infuses the discipline of their choice whether or what.

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