Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Soft Words of Educated Parents to The Children from Early Childhood

Determination and rebuked harsh criticism or soft words in major or minor problem origin-destroys self-esteem for a child. But it's very serious, likely to call the baby guilt. The feeling of guilt is distorted way of thinking and the children themselves.

How do you respond to his pranks? Children are children. So, they often lose our specific patience. However, do not realize like each time who can make a child feel the guilty of willful children which are trouble maker. It is consciously and, as a result of his actions expresses yourself stop slowly.

How unfair and wants to deal? There can't have all things he wants his children and will also pay for what one doesn't understand why. Although accused of stealing his critics claim without knowledge of parents or locate someone children back something that most parents greed. There is no doubt that this is his intention, children feel the sense of guilt.

How to take your naivety? There can cause cracking during this innocent children (the early childhood) and parents and family members. Error cause misunderstanding, children will feel guilty because of his misfortune. There are the burden of your young child down by problems in his family.

How to respond to failure? Competitive parents disappointed to lose and get good grades, and how he is fine, in the end his shameful expression hit children as they begin to feel a lack of confidence. I'm good besides all his life and they will work.

How he makes mistakes? Disciplining children, we are a lot like parents indulge in emotional blackmail of soft. We have given everything and listen to bad behavior and we still do. There may feel someone deserves a better father. Well, the truth is good for all educated parents and children in your hands completely worthy of good parenting. 

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