Sunday, June 2, 2013

simple rules while your children online

If you are not computer savvy now, this is your child is a reality. However, as parents is to follow as well as learning education these simple rules to go to those more complicated these areas enable some rules.

Set time limits: There could be a terrible place, and roam roaming anymore, you can find many places tend to be a little freedom and they they in all places children. In this case, the best thing: sets to surf the Internet. See standards for those two hours dependent on their age, render time. This is enough research, online play and other activities.

I don't ask: They may have know come questions about the unusual find on the Internet nothing at all you your child is is. Director my computer without as parents it is the first basic rules children in first place too small is the will. You must at all times for your vision. A child suspicious tell it not to seek.

The whole thing's popup reads: Investigate anyone we can read, new Internet users sometimes haphazardly click No items we know you know. This bug also make OK, children. Shows how the spread of viruses shows what happens click the pop up dialog box to them. Do and asking for help from the best practices, read the first. Do the above all you see.

Do not fill the information form: These children so there are good sites that let your child knows is forbidden to fill out the form yourself. Without writing a fake site, your child is sent over the Internet personal information need to learn it.

Don't gossip with unknowns: This rule is the same to real life. Talking is prohibited in the strangers and talking online or distance mode with unknown people. There cannot be. Actually children got online chat, suggest, the period of time.

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