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Advanced Dynamic leadership IMBA Degree with Higher Standard Development Skills

The IMBA is as advanced dynamic leadership network which standard development skills is accepted in this globalization business network. This qualified corporate degree is getting high to higher requirement.       
To achieve the special degree, besides the traditional education fields, there are many distance mode online mobile e-learning institutions all the globe round.
The dual master's degree program named international master's of business administration(iMBA) is as alliance of international business school. To receive your degrees there requires two different partner universities in the nations for two year program.

Generally the year starts one basic module especially for the full time graduate learning, and basics of quality as well as excellent MBA get alliance of international business school partner University always. Further, technically the second and the third will acquire into depth knowledge as well international logistics and supply chain management.

Program Objectives
Alliance of international business school -master in international business is a new model for education. The future of the Department of education that they received training as long as possible relating to work.
Focusing on the four areas of activity.
-IMBA programs
-IMBA Executive
-MBA -The Business Club
-IMBA student services

IMBA programs
-The international curriculum, students and teachers
-Development of cadres of trained business leaders and professional business
 transformation process for tomorrow.
-Business Club IMBA
-Work together to direct employment opportunities and provide partner 
 participating in the case study of acquisition and search events business
 knowledge thoroughly.

IMBA Executive
-High potential to make them for senior management leadership in research, 
 education and services.
-Student services IMBA
-There is quality student support and gives it a great strength of the 
 dedication of the staff. Here is the greatest care for student welfare.

Profile Factor
All lectures in English, conducted in multinational groups. Generally, there is demanded management position iMBA international orientation and the senior management team of graduates in all business areas.

Imba Program Equipped
Imba graduate program, specific University Research Centre, equipped with:
-Design of distribution network
-Provision of basic characteristics of international trade transport systems 
 and detailed knowledge of the components
-To control the challenges
-global trade environment, supply and procurement logistics
-As backbone of globalization on a deep understanding of the international
  maritime transport.
-A practical approach for project management mode on globally accepted
  concepts as well as standard
-To obtain the ability to lead effectively in the multicultural teams and work.
-To learn to able different cultures communicate, work successfully in these cultures.

Basic Contents Units
The basic raw etc 30 alone is worth first season, specific University or you need to pass one of the partner universities for persons. Study all the partner universities of Alliance in international business school in the first semester of the five basic units:
-International finance
-The global environment/global management/strategic analysis
-The global marketing strategy
-Human resources management, and the global environment
-International trade law
-International leadership

Logistics Specialization Theme

Students must move first to take priority areas of specialization: There are alliance in international business school partners institutions to complete a master's thesis. From summer semester there provides specialized international logistics and the supply chain management:
-Distribution network
-International transport
-Supply logistics and international procurement
-The international shipping
-Project management
-The international leadership (elective)

Logistics Network
This unit is from raw materials purchases which are through all the layers of production working on logistics network design. After discussing the field for decision-making and the main design options are displayed. Precise knowledge to solve problems of logistics decision on the shelves off and student modeling software. There describes the depth of an important factor, site selection, designing the network. End unit with extended supply chain management perspective.

International Transport
The module provides into depth knowledge of the components and the characteristics of the international transport system which gives an overview of basic principles of international trade. It's an important part of an international network of design aspects in transport operations and supply chain optimization with content. There are complete modules, regulation of international transport services and review.

Procurement Logistics International
There covers the procurement logistics and procurement business unit global environmental challenges. There describes typical problems of business practices. Tools to solve practical problems for these strategies and methods and international business which are the core elements of this course.

International Shipping
International shipping is the backbone especially of globalization. The module provides an overview of key elements of international shipping. Focuses not only major shipping markets, affecting factors such as regulatory environment. Importance of marine industry in most globalization issues and corporate responsibility.

Project Management
The aim of this course program is to develop project management skills. It focuses on respective key issues of the project management. Take the lead especially in implementing organizational project management capability consistent better projects, generally competitive. The following arguments should be that students will understand and apply basic principles of the project management.

The International Dynamic Leadership
Strengthened by providing the comprehensive toolset for advanced leadership skills and address the issue of leadership. The leadership is to strengthen the exchange of dynamic learning, personal development and stress the personal interaction between students. To fill the gap in student performance there are monitoring and management skills and style as a case study and simulation of the interaction between the primary methodologies, personal leadership development plan for successful business leaders guide upon arrival.

International Logistics
There is a series of international logistics and the supply management project studies /thesis. Master's thesis might suggest, of course, teams and students for self-employment overhang. In all cases, specific selected topics are on international logistics supply chain management. There apply the knowledge generated from student courses, create something of great economic value, abilities. Overcoming the theoretical aspects of each new issue as papers and scientific works. Subject of the thesis must be granted by the leaders of the module.

Master's Thesis
3-year student in the master project completes a master's thesis in this area of expertise. After successfully passed, graduates of a master's degree from the University of alliance international business school partners 2 times. There grant is obtained MBA degree Imba program at specific University.

For the development of the marketing, management, finance as well as business the international master's in business administration(iMBA) degree presents is much more contribution.

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