Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Important Of Learning Emotions Feelings Of The Children

Emotionally growth can be harsh on children. Hard to judge whether it is not natural or the emotions of children. How is confident that their emotions? There can be handled in a positive way with their emotions, how do we emotionally strong?

There should respect the feelings of your children. listen to the full attention of your child. This encouraged him about his feelings. His feelings towards you notice him lift him where it's important, and it will be the pride of achievement.

You should accept your child gets feelings. His heart condition does not deny when he says tired nap after your child. Otherwise he would doubt his feelings. He expressed his feelings of deep faith, and also much more confident. Also how to clear open communication misunderstanding that you are going to do.

It was not only positive but allows you to express negative emotions. Do not suppress criticism of him yourself if your children express negative feelings of hatred, jealousy, fear, anger and passion. It feels guilt, bad for him, and make the children feel. The right way thanks to the kid that in love and other representation act of sensitivity, care, since it can control negative emotions gently guiding his love and logic.

Let your disappointment in the face of the child.  Don't just help protect your baby against a feeling of defeat and grief. He faced disappointment in life learning appears strongly, and overcome.

For example: to deal how easily and successfully deal with the emotional feelings affect your child's abilities. Not open in extreme behavior, and express ourselves in front of really the children.

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