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Distance Education : A Brief Origin With Flexibilities In Distance Education

The origin of distance education is really fantastic with the help of online Flexibilities. The internet has given us many gifts throughout the years - from music and video game codes to not so G-rated material. Therefore, it is no surprise that distance education has made such a big splash in the web world. Within the past ten years, distance education and internet training has provided many people with a new incentive to learn.

During the early 80's, distance education was just starting to become a potential creation. Companies and educational institutes were strictly hiring instructors to train their students. This was because computers were only beginning to grow, therefore making it difficult to come up with any other plan. These instructors were great at the time because it allowed training to be very hands on, especially since students were able to interact with their classmates and visually see the lessons. However, the problem with having just instructors was that there was a lot of blank time in between. Students were not being able to learn the material on their own time, thus difficulty set in when training with hoards of other people.

Luckily, as the computer industry started to expand, distance education was becoming a reality. For the next ten years, multimedia was at everyone's fingertips. Companies were just starting to use PowerPoint; a program that allowed people to create visually enhanced presentations. Video games and other multimedia programs were also popping up, thus resulting in a technology overhaul. As these advances continued, online education was only a step away.

The first type of online education was in the mid 1990's. This was when the internet was a great success, and multimedia was being taken to another level. The first few distance education companies dedicated their services to mainly businesses who did not want to hire trainers. Although the distance education courses were great for new employees who needed training, it was only the beginning of an uphill process. Education distance was very slow, as pictures were small and the entire course was text based. Nevertheless, it was beginning to catch the eye of many.

As the 1990's quickly ended, the millennium marked an entirely new period for technology. distance education was finally on the map as distance education courses were now very popular at colleges and businesses. Great streaming media, distance education video access, and fast web site servers made it possible for distance education to make quite a splash. Students were also now able to learn from their homes during their own time, since working a job and going to school was quite a difficult task.

Today, distance education has come a long way. Instructors are now being hired to solely teach distance, which usually consists of being filmed for lesson videos. Companies are also hiring these online education programs, since a training session can not only be quick, but also be accessed at any time of the day or night. For many, it is a great opportunity because it gives us all more knowledge. We not only are able to get college degrees through this type of distance education, but we also can have a life, without having to stay at the office overnight just to learn some material.

Natalie Aranda writes on technology, learning and education. The first type of distance education was in the mid 1990’s. This was when the internet was a great success, and multimedia was being taken to another level. The first few distance education companies dedicated their services to mainly businesses who did not want to hire trainers. Today, Computer training cd  and web-based trainng are widely used for many large corporations for software training, sales training and more.

The Flexibilities In Distance Education
Though education is basically a right, it is a privilege to some. There are those who cannot afford to go to a list of colleges that charge very high university dues. Top distance education universities,, on the other hand, do not cost that much and have typically much lower tuition fees. You can even actually increase your savings knowing that online education does not entail you to spend on travel expenses, food, and accommodation. You also do not have to bother yourself spending on textbooks since online college program courses, usually do not require you to do so. You can simply download all the necessary instruction and learning materials for distance classes and lectures.

It is more Flexibilities.
Attending courses for college through the Web also makes you a very flexible person. It enables you to multitask very easily. It lets you learn at any place and at any time most convenient and appealing to you. If you are currently working, then distance education makes a lot of perfect sense.
You do not have to be so tied up with your hectic and conflicting class schedules and end up sacrificing your full-time job. You can do away with all the time supposedly spent for commuting and actually being in school. With proper time management and work-life balance, you can obtain your college or university degree while continue supporting your daily needs through your career.

All the materials are readily available.
Another great flexibilities of best distance college programs is that you can ensure that all transcripts and training materials are kept intact and archived. They are all well documented and stored so that you can easily retrieve them through e-mail and university sites opened for viewing, printing, and downloading.

It does provide quality education.
A lot of people think that they cannot enjoy quality education if they stick with online education. But not all things can be taught and learned in four-walled classrooms. Moreover, established online schools can connect distance learners to the best professors found around the globe. Online instructors are also generally accessible. Top professionals in the research and education field can promptly respond to your questions through e-mail or live discussions.

It is non-discriminatory.
Online classes you enroll in are also open to the rest of the world. The Internet and its accessibility has paved the way for students from various countries and continents, with different range of lifestyles, cultures, and needs, to converge for one common goal: learn. In fact, through distance education, you can gain more friends and understand better one another's distinct qualities. Online classes teach you how to embrace diversity.
Indeed, distance education offers more than just the opportunity to ride on with the current wave. It makes learning easy, accessible, and affordable.

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