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Most Common Courses of Distance Online E learning Programs in Reputed University Colleges over the World

For presenting you as qualified topmost corporate world professional obtaining accredited major degrees such as Postgraduate, AMBA, MBA, Doctorate, PhD, engineer, Architectural Project, MSc, Mphil, ACCA, LLM, which can able through the online distance mode e learning mobile education university colleges media  & blog.

Most Common Courses of Online learning

Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Health & Wildlife (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

Clinical Education (PgCert, MSc, PgDip)

The Clinical Management of the Headache Disorders (PGCert, MSc, PGDip) 

The Clinical Management of the Pain (PgCert, MSc, PgDip)

The Clinical Trials (PGCert, MSc, PGDip) 

Research Methods in Cognitive Ageing for the Medical Scientists (PGCert)

The Conservation Medicine (PgCert, MVetSci, PgDip)

Epidemiology for the Health Professional (PPD) 

The Equine Science (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

General Surgery (ChM)

Evidence-based on Medicine (PPD)

Global Health and the Infectious Diseases (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

Challenges in Global Health (PGCert)

Studies in Global Health (PGCert)

The Global Health: the Non Communicable Diseases (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

Imaging (PGCert, MSc, PGDip) 

Internal Medicine (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

International Animal Health (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

International Animal Welfare, Law & Ethics (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

Neuroimaging for Research (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

One Health (PGCert, MSc, PGDip)

Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PgDip, MSc, PgCert)

MSc in Primary Dental Care

Science Communication and the Public Engagement (Cert, MSc, Dip)

MSc in Surgical Sciences

Urology (ChM)

Trauma & Orthopaedics (ChM)

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery (ChM)

Humanities & The Social Sciences

    MSc in Architectural Project Management 

    MSc  in Digital Education 

   Research-Informed in Science Education

   MSc in Dementia: The International Experience, the Policy and Practice

   Health and the Social Care – the Children and Young People Mental  
   Health: the Ecological Approaches (PGCert)

   MSc, PgDip PgCert, in History

   MSc in Landscape, History & Environment

   MSc in Creative Writing

   LLM in Information Technology Law 

   LLM in Innovation, the Law & Technology

   LLM in Intellectual Property Law

   LLM in Law

   MSc  in International Animal Welfare, Law & Ethics

   Law (PPD)

   Law (PGCert)

   LLM in Medical Law and Ethics
   Africa &  the International Development (PGCert)

   Development Challenges in Global (PGCert)

   Policy in Global Health (PGCert)

Science and Engineering

Drug Discovery for Next Generation (MSc)

Research-Informed in Science Education (PGCert)

Challenges in Global Environment (PgCert)

Biological Sciences 

Principles of the Human Disease: The Cellular Metabolism

Newsworthy Topics in the Contemporary Life Sciences

The Genetics of the Human Disease


Computer Science

Fundamentals of the Website Development

Introduction to the Computer Science Using Java II

The Mobile Software Engineering

The Programming Languages

The Medical Informatics


The Discrete Mathematics for the Computer Science

The Machine Learning

Economics & Computation

The Communication Protocols & Internet Architectures

The Unix/Linux Systems Programming

The Essential Windows 8, WinRT, & Windows Phone Development

Abstraction and Design in the Computation

Internet Voice, Video, & Telepresence

Working in & Running the Cyberworld

The Big Data Analytics

Java for the Distributed Computing

Web GIS: Principles & Applications

Software Engineering

Database & Information Management Systems

The Oracle Database Administration


Digital Media

Creative Explorations in the Screen-Based & Physical Computing
Introduction to the Web Content Management Systems Site Development


Principles of the Economics

Microeconomic Theory

Economics of the Business


Engineering Sciences

Fundamentals & Applications of the Microfluidics

Engineering Innovation with the Information Technology



The Culture of the Capitalism

Crime and the Horror in Victorian Literature & Culture

Shakespeare's Later Plays

The Modern Self in The Enlightenment Invention

Crime Narratives in Modern American




Ignorance, Lies, Hogwash, & Humbug: On Truth & Knowledge in Democracies

Introduction to the Political Theory

Introduction to the Congress

Models of Conflict in the International Relations

Presidential Power in the United States

Popular Culture & US Foreign Policy During Cold War

Revolution & Continuity: National Security Strategies of the Middle Eastern Countries

Leadership in War and Peace

Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology

International Conflict & Cooperation


Environmental Studies

Energy & the Environment

Sustainable Ocean Environments

Energy: Perspectives, Problems, & Prospects

Strategies for the Sustainability Management

Measure, Report, Reduce: Practical Methods for the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

Industrial Ecology: Concepts & Practice

Global Climate Change: The Science, Social Impact, & Diplomacy of the World Environmental Crisis

Introduction to the Environmental Justice

Sustainable Business & Technology

Critical Analysis of the Environmental Systems

Environmental Toxicology & Risk Management

Human Health & Global Environmental Change


French Language and Literature

Online Intensive on Elementary French


Expository Writing

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Academic Writing & Critical Reading

The Business Rhetoric

Business Rhetoric

The Advanced Expository Writing: Writing in the Sciences

The Academic Writing & Critical Reading

Multimedia Communication: The Digital Storytelling



World History IV: The Globalization, 1800-Present

Latinos Remaking America: The Religion, Language, & Immigration

The History of The Boston

Africa and Africans: Making of a Continent in the Modern World

Japan in Asia & the World




Buddhism & Japanese Artistic Traditions



Financial Statement Analysis

Organizational Behavior

Principles of Finance

Leadership Communications

Organizational Behavior

Mergers and Acquisitions

Development Communications

Leading through Change

Managing Virtual Teams

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Strategic Management of the Growth Companies

Gender, Leadership, and Management

Human Resource Management

Public and Nonprofit Service & Performance Management

Marketing Research & Analysis

Disaster Relief & Recovery

Digital Marketing: Social Media & Online Strategies


History of Art and Architecture

Designing the American City: The Civic Aspirations & Urban Form

Race & Representation in Western Art: The Renaissance to Twentieth Century



Profile Writing

The Constitution and the Media

News Reporting for the Web, Print, & other Platforms



World Religions

Religion, the Arts, & Social Change

Museum Studies

Using Technology to Support the Nonprofit Mission

Museums and the Law

Other Coming Online Programs for the update world requirement

Science and Engineering

Drug Discovery for Next Generation

Carbon Management(MSc)

Computational Chemistry & Modelling(MSc)

Humanities & Social Sciences

PG Certificate in the Epistemology, Mind & Normativity

Digital Research Challenges

The Scottish Culture & Heritage (MSc)

Community, Education & Social Justice (MSc)

Young People Mental Health and Children(MSc)

The Advanced Clinical Skills(MSc)


Sports Coaching(MSc)

 Advancing Nursing Practice(MSc)

Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

MSc in Imaging 

Cert / MSc/ Dip/ in Headache Medicine

Global eHealth(MSc)

 Public Health(MSc)

 Primary Dental Car(MSc)

 Clinical Trials(MSc)

Courses for The Non-Majors

Teaching Diverse Populations 

Human Growth and Development
Educational Psychology 

History of the Education in US 

Social Foundations of the Education 

Impact of Disabilities 

Exceptional People in the School and Society

Educational Studies (ESM)

    Educational Psychology

    The Adolescent

    History of the Education in the USA

    Human Growth & Development 

    The Social Foundations of the Education

    Social & Historical Foundations of the Education
    Elementary & Secondary School Curriculum

    The Intro to the Special Education 

    The Social Perspectives on the Disability

    The Integrating Technology into Secondary Curriculum 
    Career & Life Span Planning
    The Alcohol & Drug Use & Abuse

    Stress & Anxiety Management

    The Interpersonal Communication Skills

    The ESOL Strategies for thr Content Area Teachers

Disability Science 
    Impact of Disabilities

    Intro to Special Education 

    Social Perspectives on the Disability

    Disability and the Community Involvement & Employment

    Disability: Legal Aspects & Policy

Florida Teaching (FTM) 
    The Young Adolescent
    Differentiated Instruction

    Management Strategies in Core Classroom 

    The Integrating Technology into Secondary Curriculum

    The Effective Teaching & Classroom Management in the Secondary 

    The Content Area Literacy 

    Career & Life Span Planning

UF Teach Science (UTS) 
    Content Area Literacy

UF Teach Mathematics (UTM) 
    Content Area Literacy
Introduction to the Special Education

Management Strategies in the Core Classroom 

The Differentiated Instruction

Career &  Life Span Planning

The Stress & Anxiety Management

The ESOL Strategies for the Content Area Teachers

The ongoing and the upcoming distance online favorite courses are the world standard e learning mobile education programs in which there are a lot of advantages for whole global learners.

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